1391. What is the average Density of Population in the world?

A. 27 Persons per sq.km
B. 37 Persons per sq.km
C. 13 Persons per sq.km *
D. 221 Persons per sq.km

1392.Which of the following gases is most predominant in the sun?

A. Hellium
B. Hydrogen *
C. Nitrogen
D. Ozone

1393. Name the world Famous and Finest Harbour?

A. New York
B. Sydney *
C. Mumbai
D. Calcutta

1394. The heaviest rainfall is recorded in …..

A. Mediterranean regions
B. Temperate regions
C. Equatorial regions *
D. Tropical Mountain areas

1395. Which of the following is ingneous rock?

A. Shale
B. Quartzile
C. Marble
D. Granite *

1396. Which of the following is the example of sedimentary rock?

A. Marble
B. Slate
C. Limestone *
D. None of these

1397. To which kind of rock Marble belong?

A. Metamorphic *
B. Sedimentary
C. Plutonic
D. Volcanic

1398. Which of the following types of forests account fo most of the total forest area in the world?

A. Deciduous
B. Littoral
C. Broad-leaved *
D. Conferous

1399. In whic type of climate are coniferous Forests found?

A. Savanna
B. Mediterranean
C. Siberian *
D. Hot Desert

1400. Which of the following is Icy Continent?

A. Greenland
B. Antarctica *
C. Australia
D. None of these