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231. World day against child labour is observed on___________?

A. 11 June
B. 13 June
C. 12 June
D. 8 June

232. The currency of portugal is__________?

A. Zolty
B. Peso
C. Euro

233. The headquarter of EFTA is in_____________?

A. London
B. Geneva
C. Rome
D. Paris

234. The first Asian Secertary-General of united Nation was____________?

A. Trygive Lie
B. Vijy Laxmi Pandit
C. U Thant
D. Kurt Waldheim

235. The Headquarter of UNESCO is in___________?

A. Paris
B. Rome
C. Geneva
D. New York

236. The headquarter of International Labour Orginaztion (ILO) is in__________?

A. Geneva
B. New York
C. Paris
D. The Hague

237. The Headquarter of UNHCR is located at___________?

A. New York
B. Rome
C. Geneva
D. London

238. Which animal picture is on World Health Organization (WHO) Logo?

A. Elephant
B. Horse
C. Snake
D. Lion

239. When was Global day of Parents celebrated annually?

A. June 3
B. June 12
C. May 29
D. June 1

240. When is the World Bicycle Day observed?

A. 1 June
B. 2 June
C. 3 June 
D. 4 June