1961. United states on April 12 1981 launched the world’s first resuable spacecraft naming___________.

A. Shuttle Discovery
B. Shuttle Columbia *
C. Shuttle Endeavour
D. None of these

1962. Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity ?

A. Silver
B. Tungsten *
C. Copper
D. Iron

1963. Name the largest Populous country of the islamic world ?

A. Pakistan
B. Turkey
C. Bangladesh
D. Indonesia *

1964. The lowest populous muslim country is ___________.

A. Suriname
B. Brunai
D. Maldives *

1965. Largest Muslim country area-wise is ___________.

A. Algeria
B. Sudan
C. libya
D. Kazakistan *

1966. The smallest muslim state area- wise is _________.

A. Maldives *
B. Bahrian
C. Jordon
D. The Comoros

1967. In the muslim world which country has the highest per-capita income?

A. Kuwait *
C. Qatar
D. Oman

1968. Which is the smallest and the fastest of all planets?

A. Mercury *
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mars

1969. The smallest bird is ____________.

A. Humming bird *
B. Indian swift
C. Vulture
D. Eagel

1970. The largest Insect is _____________.

A. Allas Moth *
B. Dragon fly
D. None of them