391. Who was the first Secretary General of Pakistan?

A. Ch Muhammad  Ali
B. Ch Shokat Ali
C. Ch Liqat Ali
D. Ch Muhammad Ali Johar

392. Smallest Republic of the world is___________?

A. Indonesia
B. Nauru
C. Vatican
D. None of these

393. Father of Slave dynasty?

A. Quṭb al-Dīn Aibak
B. Khizer khan
C. Behlol Lodhi
D. None of these

394. ‘Spartly Island’ in the South china sea are disputed between China and__________?

A. Vietnam
B. Malaysia
C. Philippines
D. All of these

395. “Folketing” is the parliament of_________?

A. France
B. Italy
C. China
D. Denmark

396. Vincent Van Gogh was a__________?

A. Actor
B. Painter 
C. Sportsmen
4. Scientist

397. Chop Shot is a ________ shot in Table Tennis?

A. Backhand
B. Left Hand
C. Forehand
4. Passive

398. The stick which is used to hit the ball in Golf is called__________?

A. Club
B. Golf stick
C. Golf Hockey
D. None of these

399. Where is Bathsheba Beach situated?

A. Chile
B. Brazil
C. Barbados 
D. Mexico

400. Which continent is known as Dark Continent?

A. Africa 
B. Europe
C. Asia
D. America