1921. Which one of the following is one of the seven wonders of Modern World?

A. The Eiffel Tower *
B. Temple of Aartemis
C. The Circus Maximise in Rome
D. Hagia Sophia

1922. Big Ben, a Huge clock on the tower of the British Parliament was installed in the year________.

A. 1840
B. 1859 *
C. 1855
D. 1852

1923. Which country’s parliament is considered oldest parliament of the world?

B. China
C. Iceland *
D. Russia

1924. Which is the longest shipping canal of the world located in Baltic sea?

A. Suez
B. Panama
C. Baloyi-More *
D. Volga

1925. Which is the largest airport of the world covering 223 sq Km, having world’s largest control tower 74 M high?

A. King abdul Aziz International Airport *
B. Hethrow International Airport
C. King Khalid International Airport
D. Frankfurt International Airport

1926. Which is the business Airport of the world?

A. Lhasa Airport
B. Chicago O Hare International Airport *
C. Frankfort Internationl Airport
D. King abdul Aziz International Airport

1927. Which is the largest railway station in the world?

A. Grand Centeral Terminal, New York *
B. Condor Station Bolivia
C. Kharagpur Railway station- India
D. None of them

1928. Which isthe highest railway station in the world?

A. Condor Station- Bolivia *
B. Kharagpur Railway station -India
C. Grand Centeral Terminal USA
D. None of them

1929. Name the largest University Building in the world?

A. Cambridge University UK
B. University of Riyadh *
C. Al-Azhar University
D. None of them

1930. The world biggest oil refinery is located in_________

A. Iran *
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Russia
D. Kuwait

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