2371. What is the only country to speak Dutch in south America ?

A. Bolivia
B. Guyana
C. Suriname *
D. Paraguay

2372. Zacatecas is a state located in which country ?

A. Canada
B. Mexico *
C. Brazil
D. Jamaica

2373. What small country is a peninsula in the persian gulf?

A. Qatar *
B. Qinghai
C. Qanat
D. Qiemo

2374. Which of the following three-letter combinations begins the name of the most countries ?

A. Mal *
B. Bur
C. Cam
D. Bel

2375. In terms of basic physical geography, which of the following is Odd one out ?

A. Zimbabwe
B. Malawi
C. Mozambique *
D. Zambia

2376. Madagascar is off the coast of what country ?

A. South Africa
B. Mozambique *
C. Tanzania
D. Kenya

2377. How many countries in world start with “Q”?

A. 2
B. 1 *
C. 3
D. 0

2378. What continent is home to all the world’s countries that begin with “Z”?

A. South America
B. Africa *
C. Asia
D. Europe

2379. Which of these four geographical lines runs through the most countries ?

A. Tropic of capricorn
B. Prime meridain
C. Equator
D. Tropic of cancer *

2380. How many U.S states border the pacific ocean ?

A. Four
B. Seven
C. Three
D. Five *