1771. Name the Muslim Countries got the most Nobel prizes in Muslim World?

A. Egypt *
B. Turkey
C. Bangladesh
D. Pakistan

1772. How many times the of the ICRC has been honoured by a Nobel Peace Prize?

A. Two times
B. Three times *
C. Four times
D. Five times

1773. Prof Muhammad Yunus a bangladeshi economist and His founded bank “Grameen bank” War awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in?

A. 2004
B. 2005
C. 2006 *
D. 2007

1774. Name the Pakistai has recieved Nobel prize in 1979 for Physics?

A. Naquib Mahfuz
B. Dr. Samar Mubarke
C. Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan
D. Dr. Abdus Salam *

1775. The Nobel foundation Celebrated its ______anniversary on June 29,2010.

A. 110th *
B. 130th
C. 120th
D. 140th

1776. In what prize category British Prime minister winston Churchill was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1953?

A. Peace
B. Literature *
C. Physics
D. Chemistry

1777. Nobel Laureates is selected by_______each year.

A. The Nobel Prize awarding institutions *
B. United nations organization
C. The Nobel Foundation
D. The King of sweden

1778. Which Nobel Prize is awarded Except Stockholm?

A. The Nobel peace prize, Which is awarded in Oslo, Norway *
B. The Nobel prize in literature which is awarded in Finland.
C. The Nobel prize in chemistry which is awarded in denmark.
D. The Nobel prize in physics which is awarded in USA.

1779. When it come to number of awarded Nobel prizes which family is the most successfull?

A. The Eiensteins
B. The Braggs
C. The Curies *
D. The Sangers

1780. Which prominent public figure was never awarded a Nobel Peace prize?

A. Mother Teresa
B. Martin Luther King
C. Nelson Mandela
D. Mahatma Gandhi