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251. Who was Cleopatra?

A. A philosopher
B. A Historian
C. Ruler of Egypt
D. Ruler of Rome

252. Which sea is referred to as an oceanic desert?

A. Red sea
B. Sargasso sea
C. Arabian sea
D. Sea of Japan

253. Where is the headquarters of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) located?

A. Geneva
B. Paris
C. New York
D. Washington D.C

254. Jeju Island, a UNESCO world heritage site located in___________?

A. Japan
B. France
C. South Korea
D. South Africa

255. Gulf of Sidra is located in_________?

A. France
C. Germany
D. Libya

256. Which of the following are Baltic countries or Baltic States?

A. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
B. Crotia, Belarus and Mangolia
C. Algeria, Argentina and balgeria
D. None of these

257. “Lost Islamic History” written by_________?

A. Firas AL khateeb
B. Sir Syad Ahmad
C. Allama Iqbal
D. None of these

258. The International Council of Nurses established in 1899 has its headquarters in_________?

A. Berlin
B. Vienna
C. Florence
D. Geneva

259. Vientiane is the capital and largest city of ___________?

A. Cambodia
B. Vietnam
C. Laos
D. Myanmar

260. Ground of which sport has the shape of Diamond?

A. Baseball
B. cricket
C. wrestling
D. basketball