2001. Which is largest capital city in the world?

A. Ottawa *
B. Moscow
C. Washington
D. Chicago

2002. Which country has the largest army in the world?

A. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. China *

2003. Which is oldest and the only survived wonder of the world?

A. Machu Picchu
B. Great wall of china
C. Taj Mahal
D. Pyramids of Egypt *

2004. Who introduced mobile phone for the first time in 1973?

A. Robert Hooks
B. D. Rutherford
C. John Surd
D. Martin Cooper *

2005. Which is the oldest university of the world?

A. Al-Azhar
B. Al-Kasao *
C. Nalanda
D. Valladolid University

2006. In which university wass the world’s first undergrond train service was opened in 1963?

A. Frankfurt
B. London *
C. Washington
D. Moscow

2007. An Austrian Skydriver_________set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 Kilometers (128,000 Ft) One 14 October 2012?

A. Roger Nelson
B. Jurgen Mollemann
C. Felix Baumgartner *
D. Eli Thompson

2008. On 20-10-2-12 a world record of singing the national anthem was made by __________Pakistanis at the National hockey stadium?

A. 4,200
B. 14,200
C. 34,200
D. 44,200 *

2009. Hailing from peshawar, 19 year Old ahmad Bodla set a new world record on 21-10-12 for kicking a punching bag 617 times in __________Minutes.

A. Three *
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

2010. A total solar eclipse took place on ___________2012 in Australia?

A. 14 August
B. 14 September
C. 14 October
D. 14 November *