891. The Temple of Heaven, a religious building, is located in
(A) Edinburgh
(B) Rome
(C) Beijing
(D) Shanghai

892. The mine, Super Pit, is Australia’s largest _________ mine.
(A) gold
(B) silver
(C) copper
(D) coal

893. What was the nationality of Alfred Nobel?
(A) American
(B) British
(C) German
(D) Swedish

894. The first Nobel Prize was awarded in
(A) 1895
(B) 1901
(C) 1907
(D) 1913

895. The Nobel Prize has been awarded in ________ fields.
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 8

896. The Li River is located in
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) South Korea
(D) North Korea

897. SANA is the news agency of
(A) Saudi Arabia
(C) Syria
(D) Yemen

898. Saba is the news agency of
(A) Indonesia
(B) Syria
(C) Yemen
(D) Jordan

899. KLM is an airline of
(A) Australia
(B) Germany
(C) Netherlands
(D) Austria

900. Etihad Airways is an airline of
(A) United Arab Emirates
(B) Qatar
(C) Russia
(D) Canada