2061. Which is the oldest and the only survived wonder of the world?

A. Pyramids of Egypt
B. Machu Picchu
C. Great wall of china
D. Taj Mahal

2062. Who introduced mobile phone for the first time in 1973?

A. Robert Hock
B. D. Rutherford
C. Martin Cooper *
D. John Surd

2063. What is the highest earth quake severity on Richter scale recorded at southern chile in 1960?

A. 8.2
B. 8.7
C. 9.5 *
D. 10.3

2064. Which is the oldest university of the world?

A. Al-Azhar
B. Al-Kasao *
C. Nalanda
D. Valladolid University

2065. In which city was the world’s first underground train service was opened in 1863?

A. Frankfurt
B. London *
C. Washington
D. Moscow

2066. What is the length of the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge linking Hong Kong with Mainland china built at a cost of 20 Billion Dollars?

A. 25 Kilometers
B. 40 Kilometers
C. 65 Kilometers
D. 55 Kilometers *

2067. Irene o” Shea set a record of being latest skydiver after plunging 14000 Feet on December 9,2018 at the age of ?

A. 101 Years & 99 Days
B. 102 Years & 194 Days *
C. 101 Years & 105 Days
D. 103 Years & 125 Days

2068. Name the first transgender contestant in Miss universe beauty contest held in December 2018.

A. Kelly Slaler
B. Brendon Ponce
C. Ronne Ponce
D. Angela Ponce *

2069. Which state in Australia became the first place in the world to introduce a effective secret ballot in elections in the mid nineteenth century?

A. Austria
B. Tasmania *
C. Germany
D. United Kingdom

2070. Which is the largest island in the world?

A. Madagascar
B. Kalalit Nunned Island, Greenland
C. Cuba *
D. Brilam