2501. Which valley is formed as a result of tectonic forces ?

A. “V” shaped valley
B. Hanging Valley
C. “U” shaped valley
D. Rift valley *

2502. Where is Apalachicola ?

A. Kentucky
B. South caronlina
C. Florida *
D. West Virginia

2503. Which state or country lies at the approximate latittude of Bermuda?

A. South Carolina
B. Florida
C. Cuba
D. Virginia

2504. What is the rank of pakistan in the world with respect to the population ?

A. Second
B. First
C. Third
D. Sixth *

2505. If antarctica were a country , Where would it rank in size among after countries ?

A. First
B Second *
C. Third
D. Fourth

2506. Greenwich mean time is the local time of :

A. 180 Degree longitude
B. 80 Degree longitude
C. 0 Degree longitude *
D. 80 Degree east longitude

2507. How many countries border italy directly ?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 6 *
D. 5

2508. Which one of the following latitudes forms a great circle ?

A. 0 Degree *
B. 23-1/2 Degree
C. 66-1/2 degree
D. 90 Degree

2509. Which is the lowest water body on earth ?

A. Black sea
B. Dead sea *
C. Aral Sea
D. Red Sea

2510. Which is a land locked sea ?

A. Timor sea
B. Arafura sea
C. Greenland sea
D. Aral sea *