1411. The Movement inside the Earth’s crust is studied by:

A. Geodesy
B. Geology
C. Plate Tectonics
D. Seismology *

1412. Which one of the following is and organically formed sedimentary rock?

A. Breccia
B. Gypsum
C. Mudstone
D. Limestone *

1413. The largest reserve of fresh water on the earth’s surface is in

A. North America *
B. South America
C. Russia
D. Africa

1414. Diego Garcia is an island in :

A. Arabian Sea
B. Bay of Bengal
C. Indian Ocean *
D. Gulf of Aden

1415. which of the following is called the gateway to the pacific?

A. Suez Canal
B. Panama Canal *
C. Bering Sea
D. Gulf of Alaska

1416. Which one of the following seas is without a Coastline?

A. White sea
B. Sargasso sea *
C. Sea of Okhotsk
D. Tasman Sea

1417. Which of the following cities is incorrectly matched to the river on which it is situated?

A. Budapesh-River Danube
B. Baghdad-River Tigris
C. Amsterdam-River Amsel
D. Alexandria-River Niger *

1418.On the Bank of which River is New York Situated?

A. River Colorado *
B. River Hudson
C. River Mississippi
D. River Amazon

1419. Which one of the following countries is situated geographically in America but Politically is a part of Europe?

A. Iceland
B. Canary Islands
C. Green Land *
D. Cuba

1420. Which country is the biggest producer of Mercury in the world?

A. Mexico
B. Canada
C. Italy *
D. Germany