2121. Which place of Pakistan is called “Replica of the Sahara”?

a. Chitral
b. Murree
c. Baltistan
d. Skardu *

2122. Jinnah international airports are formerly known as:

a. Karachi airport *
b. Drigh road airport
c. Gwader airport
d. General airport

2123. Which is the highest military award of india

a. Iron cross
b. Military cross
c. Victoria cross
d. Param vir chakra *

2124. From Karachi farthest point on the coastal highway is:

a. Pasni
b. Jiwani *
c. Ormara
d. Gwadar

2125. Which is the world’s largest mountain range?

a. Alps
b. Himalayas
c. Andes *
d. Tibet

2126. Ruins of Harappa found in:

a. Jamshoro
b. Sahiwal *
c. Sialkot
d. Mohenjodaro

2127. The Biggest producer of uranium in the world is:

a. France
b.  Canada *
c.  USA
d.  Zaire (Kazakhstan is the largest producer of uranium. Canada is the 2nd largest producer. And Australia is the third largest producer of Uranium in the World.)

2128. Muhammad bin Qasim was born where____?

a. Ta’if (695 AD) *
b. Yaman
c. Makah
d. None of these

2129. The historic G.T Road was constructed by:

a. Aladdin
b. Sultan sikandar Lodi
c. Sher shah suri *
d. Shahjahan

2130. A place where birds are kept is called

a. Aviary *
b. Apiary
c. Zoo
d. Net