2081. Through which strait 40 Percent world of oil is transported ?

A. Hormuz *
B. Bosporus
C. Gibraltar
D. Bengal

2082. Name the south african activist who was awarded nobel prize for peace in 1993.

A. Oliver Tomb
B. Nelson Mandela *
C. Collin Obuya
D. Abel Pacheca

2083. Who was the first black president of south africa ?

A. Nelson Mandela *
B. Girm Woldegiorgis
C. Omar Bango
D. Ratu Josefa

2084. “Long walk to freedom” is an autobiography of an internationallhy known activist Name the person__________.

A. Laurent Gliagbo
B. Idriss Daby
C. Nelson Mandela *
D. Abel Pacheca

2085. The two cities referred to in charles dickens ” A tale of two cities” are __________.

A. London and Calais
B. London and Paris *
C. Paris and Rome
D. Rome and Berlin

2086. Haya Rashed Al Khalifa, the first woman president of UN General assembly belongs to which country?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Bahrain *
C. Qatar
D. Egypt

2087. Blind Dolphins are present in ____________.

A. Indus River *
B. Chenab River
C. Nile River
D. Ganga River

2088. Which river runs through france ?

A. Rhine
B. Thames
C. Loire
D. Seine *

2089. A colour television set makes colours by mixing light of 3 colours they are ___________.

A. Blue, Green and Red *
B. Blue, Red and Yellow
C. Green, Yellow and Red
D. Blue, Black and Red

2090. Which languages is written from top to bottom and from left to right ?

A. Chinese
B. Japanese *
C. Hindi
D. Jhai