2391. Which of the following elements is a chemical constituent of sand particles?

A. Carbon
B. Iron
C. Sodium
D. Silicon *

2392. The devonian period was called :

A. The age of oceans
B. The age of fishes *
C. The age of corals
D. The age of dinosaurs

2393. Brachiopod fossils have the same body plan as which of the following organisms:

A. Squid
B. Fish
C. Clam *
D. Earth worm

2394. Which of the following countries is closest in size to Sri Lanka ?

A. Qatar
B. Rwanda
C. Iceland *
D. Laos

2395. Which of the following rocks is different from the remaining three on the basis of its mode of origin ?

A. Limestone
B. Sandstone
C. Shale
D. Marble *

2396. Which of the following latitudes is the longest ?

A. 23 Degree N
B. 66 Degree N
C. 0 Degree *
D. 80 Degree N

2397. Two places on the same meridian must have the same :

A. Lenght of summer
B. Latitude
C. Lenght of winter
D. Solar time *

2398. What is the only spanish-speaking country in Africa ?

A. Angola
B. Sirra Leone
C. Equatorial Guinea *
D. Gabon

2399. Which of the following process helps in the formation of rift valley ?

A. Seismic
B. Faulting *
C. Folding
D. Volcanism

2400. Where is Dead sea situated in the following continents ?

A. Europe
B. Australia
C. Asia *
D. Africa