2091. Which country has no railway ?

B. Maldives
C. Afghanistan *
D. Lebanon

2092. When was the term ” United Kingdom ” First used ?

A. 1815
B. 1795
C. 1755
D. 1800 *

2093. Which of the following was the first newspaper?

A. The peking News *
B. Al Ahram
C. Izvestia
D. Le Monde

2094. The statue of liberty was a gift to USA from which of the following countries?

A. Greece
B. Great Britain
C. France *
D. Switzerland

2095. Who is reputed to have coined the phrase ” Knowledge is power ” ?

A. Wesley Clark
B. Shakespeare
C. Francis Bacon *
D. None of them

2096. Who built the ” Rohtas fort” near the Jhelum?

A. Akbar
B. Sher Shah Suri
C. Humayun *
D. Shah Jehan

2097. Which ancient city is known as ” Pearl of Gandahar” Civilization?

A. Peshawar *
B. Taxila
C. Harrapa
D. Mohinjodoro

2098. Which is the most recent state to join the US?

A. Alaska
B. Florida
C. Michigan
D. Hawaii *

2099. Which is britiain’s oldest University?

A. St. Andrews
B. Oxford
C. Cambridge *
D. ST. Helina

2100. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Chain Restuarant is a business established by which of the following business group?

A. Nestle Dairy Corporation
B. National Dairy Development Corporation *
C. Smith Kline, Bechamel health Corporation
D. None of them