461. Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 is the _______ World Cup held by ICC ?

A. 5th
B. 6th
C. 7th 
D. 8th

462. The poetry first written by Allama iqbal in Persian and than Translated in Urdu by Popular Demand was__________?

A. Bang e Dara
B. Zarb-e-Kaleem
C. Bal-e-Jibraeel
D. Armaghan-e-Hijaz

463. In which year the Taliban Office opened in Qatar?

A. 2003
B. 2010
C. 2013
D. 2020

464. The recent leap year, where February had 29 days, was_________?

A. 2016
B. 2018
C. 2019
D. 2020

465. National Flower OF USA is_________?

A. Rose
B. Jasmine
C. Tulips
D. None

466. Which country is called the tear drop of India?

A. Maldives
B. Bangladesh
C. Sri Lanka  
D. Myanmar

467. Muhammad bin Qasim was born in__________?

A. 693 AD
B. 694 AD
C. 695 AD
D. 696 AD

468. In which year Imran Khan married to Jemima Goldsmith ?

A. 1993
B. 1994
C. 1995
D. 1996

469. Who is known as the Father of Geometry?

A. kepler
B. Euclid
C. Pythagoras
D. Newton

470. In which year Muhammad Bin Qaseem died?

A. 18 July 715 AD
B. 18 July 716 AD
C. 18 July 717 AD
D. 18 July 718 AD