1560. The light coming from the stars gives the idea of their:

A. size
B. rotation
C. mass
D. temperature *

1561. Super Nova is:

A. an asteroid
B. a black hole
C. a comet
D. a dying star *

1562. Triton is a satellite of:

A. jupiter
B. pluto
C. uranus
D. neptune *

1563. Which is the brightest planet in the solar system?

A. jupiter
B. mercury
C. uranus
D. venus *

1564. The scientists have found some proof of presence of life on which of the following of planets?

A. jupiter
B. mercury
C. venus
D. mars *

1565. The temperature at the surface of the sun and its centre is respectively about:

A. 6000 K and 20 million K *
B. 7000 K and 10 million K
C. 8000 K and 16 million K
D. 9000 K and 14 million K

1566. Which of the following planets have no moon?

A. pluto and mercury
B. mercury and venus *
C. mars and venus
D. pluto and mars

1567. Which is the densest planet of the solar system?

A. sun
B. jupiter
C. mercury
D. earth *

1568. Phases of the moon are caused by:

A. The revolution of earth
B. The revolution of the moon
C. Rotation of earth *
D. Rotation of moon

1569. In which year did man first step out in the moon?

A. 1961
B. 1965
C. 1969 *
D. 1971

1570. How many times is the sun bigger in size than the earth?

A. 69 times
B. 89 times
C. 99 times
D. 109 times *