1871. Highest Scores in one day cricket match are 444 runs by ______.

A. England *
B. Australia
C. Newzeland
D. South africa

1872. The name of the first muslim woman who went to space by Russian aircraft on 18th september 2006 is _________.

A. Numera saleem
B. Anousheh Ansari *
C. Effat Jan
D. Khalida Aftab

1873. Which of the following countries has the largest area in the world?

A. Canada
C. Russia *
D. China

1874. Which river in the world carries the maximum volume of water?

A. Amazon *
B. Nile
C. Mississipie
D. None of these

1875. The longest canal in the world is ____________.

A. Volga baltic
B. Beloye-more baltic *
C. Suez Canal
D. Grand China Canal

1876. Which is teh smallest country in the world?

A. Naura
B. Monaco
C. Vatican City *
D. None of them

1877. Which is the world’s largest mountain range ?

A. Himalayas *
B. Alps
C. Tibet
D. Andes

1878. Which metal is most abundantly found on the Earth’s surface ?

A. Aluminium
B. Silicon *
C. Zinc
D. Iron

1879. The world’s largest oil refinery is located at ________.

A. Lagos(Nigeria)
B. Riyadh(Saudi arabia)
C. Abadan( Iran) *
D. Tabriz (Iran)

1880. ________Produces teh maximum sugar in the world______.

A. India *
C. Russia
D. Brazil