1971. Which is the highest military decoration of Britiain?

A. Military Cross
B. Victory Medal
C. Victoria cross *
D. Iron cross

1972. Which is the highest military award of USA?

A. Victoria cross
B. Victory Medal *
C. Military cross
D. Iron Cross

1973. Which of the following was the first to make first space flight on april 12, 19611?

A. Neil Armstrong
B. Alesksey Leonov
C. Yuri Gagarin *
D. Kinigayo

1974. Name the first muslim who travelled in space from April 29 to may 6, 1985____________.

A. Sheikh Khalid ul waleed
B. Sheikh Bokhatar
C. Prince Karim Sulman
D. Prince Sulman Al Masud *

1975. Which was the first animal to orbit around the earth in november 1957?

A. Cat
B. Monkey
C. Dog *
D. None of them

1976. Which of the following is the height of Nanga Parbat?

A. 8126 *
B. 8022
C. 8226
D. 8122

1977. Name the firsr commercial bank which started its operation in pakistan on august 17,1947?

A. Habib Bank Limited
B. Muslim Commercial Bank Limited *
C. United Bank Limited
D. None of these

1978. When the first census was done in pakistan ?

A. 1951 *
B. 1958
C. 1955
D. 1957

1979. Sputnik I was the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth on _______.

A. October 4, 1957 *
B. September 15, 1956
C. August 5, 1956
D. September 4, 1957

1980. Who was the first chief justice of Pakistan ?

A. Munir Ahmad
B. A.R Comelius
C. Sardar A Rashid *
D. None of them