711. What do you mean by Syntax?

A. Study of speech sounds
B. Study of meaning of words
C. Study of constructing sentence
D. Constructing passage

712. What do you mean by Phonetics?

A. Study of speech sounds
B. Study of language and rules
C. Study of insects
D. Study of meaning and syntax

713. which is the national flower of Portugal?

A. Rose
B. Flor De Maga
C. Corn Poppy
D. Lavender

714. The Battle of Hattin was fight in _________ ?

A. 1178
B. 1187
C  1189
D. 1200

715. Saladin took back Jerusalem after the Battle of________ ?

A. Ajnadin
B. Zama
C. Ain u Jalloot
D. Hittin

716. Which of the following Country has not been recognized by Pakistan?

A. Georgia
B. Kiribati
C. Armenia
D. Albania
E. None of the above

717. Which country is the third biggest producer of uranium?

A. Kazakhstan
B. Canada
C. Pakistan
D. Australia

718. The first European to reach India by sea was__________?

A. John Cabot
B. Marco Polo
C. Christopher Columbus
D. Vasco da Gama

719. What is the name of Capital of Nigeria?

A. Helsinki
B. Niamey
C. Abuja
D. ulaanbator

720. Which country has their currency in rupee?

A. Croatia
B. Iran
C. Seychelles
D. None