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41. Capital of China is_________?

A. Beijing
B. Shanghai
C. Both
D. None

42. Borneo Island is in which Ocean?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. Atlantic

43. Which of the following is not tribal community of Africa?

A. Zulu
B. Maasai
C. San Bushmen
D. Lepcha

44. Which is the highest mountain of Africa?

A. Mt. Kilimanjaro
B. Mt. Kenya
C. Rocky Mountain
D. Colorado Mountain

45. What is kimberly in Africa famous for?

A. Monument
B. Museum
C. National Park
D. Diamond

46. Who said “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.”?

A. Pablo Picasso
B. Georges Braque
C. Peter Drucker
D. None of these

47. What country is the largest producer of corn?

A. China
C. Brazil
D. Nicaragua

48. Which card is used in BRT Peshawar?

A. Metro Card
B. Bus Card
C. BRT Card
D. ZU Card

49. The United Nations established the UN conference on trade and development in________?

A. 1963.
B. 1964
C. 1971
D. 1970

50. Where is Tiananmen Square located?

A. Pakistan Islamabad
B. Turkey ankara
C. Russia mosco
D. China Beijing