621. The World Cancer Day (WCD) is observed every year on_________?

A. 1st February
B. 2nd February
C. 3rd February
D. 4th February

622. Who was Pakistan’s first female commercial pilot?

A. Aysha Farooq
B. Shukriya Khanum
C. Maryam Mukhtar
D. Sana Aziz

623. Microsoft was founded in________?

A. 1970
B. 1972
C. 1975
D. 1981

624. How many white stars have on European Union flag?

A. 11 Stars
B. 12 Stars
C. 14 Stars
D. 15 Stars

625. How many white stars have on Singapore flag?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

626. Which kind of alcohol is russia notoriously known for?

A. Brandi
B. Whisky
C. Vodka
D. Rum

627. What is the national dish of France?

A. Pot au feu
B. Pad Thai
C. Pelmeni
D. French cuisine

628. The first English Dictionary was compiled by _________ ?

A. Isaac Walton
B. Samuel Johnson
C. Samuel Butler
D. Sir Thomas Browne

629. Which is the world’s largest solar telescope that recently captures its first image of the Sun in January 2020?

A. Gran Telescopio Canarias
B. Hobby-Eberly Telescope
C. GREGOR, Teide Observatory
D. Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope

630. What is the Theme of “World Cancer Day 2020”?

A. “I Can We Can”
B. “Myths The Debunk”
C. “No Ahead Of Us”
D. “I am and I will”