2131. The wonder of the world” Taj Mahal” is situated in the indian state of ___________.

A. Uttar pardesh *
B. Himachal pardesh
C. Madhya pardesh
D. Maharashtra

2132. Australians are known as kangroos and peoples of newzeland are called kiwis While sourth africans are known as __________.

A. Berbers
B. Zulu
C. Proteas *
D. Negros

2133. Nasa has sent one of the following space shuttles on the surface of Mars, it was_______.

A. Opportunity *
B. Virtual
C. Challenger
D. Falcon

2134. “Wana” is the main town of ______________.

A. Bajaur Agency
B. Khyber Agency
C. North waziristan
D. South waziristan *

2135. ” sky news” is a new channel of ____________.

A. England *
B. Australia
C. Russia
D. India

2136. International organization ” Human rights watch ” is based in _________.

A. New York
B. Geneva *
C. Paris
D. Rome

2137. ASEAN free trade area agreement (AFTA) was signed in 1992 in __________.

C. China
D. Bangkok, Thailand *

2138. “Chenab formula ” to resolve the kashmir dispute was presented by _________.

A. Sardar Abdul Qayum Khan *
B. Ali shah gailani
C. Barrister sultan mahmood
D. None of the above

2139. Which of the following south asian countries is land locked ?

A. Srilank
B. Bangladesh
C. Maldives
D. Bhutan *

2140. “Abu Ghraib ” is a ______________.

A. Leader of PLO
B. President of lebanon
C. Secretary General of Arab league
D. A prison in Iraq *