1531. On which of the following planets of the solar system does the sun rise in the west and set in the east?

A. Jupiter
B. Mars
C. Venus *
D. Saturn

1532. What is the rank of the earth in solar system in terms of size?

A. Third
B. Fourth
C. Fifth *
D. Sixth

1533. The planet with the shortest rotation time around its axis is___________.

A. Mars
B. Jupiter *
C. Earth
D. Pluto

1534. The theory that refers to an explosion about 10 to 15 Billion years ago.Which most astronomers believe to be the origin of the universe is called________.

A. The red shift theory
B. Relativity Theory
C. Big bang theory *
D. Titanic Theory

1535. Operation path finder launched on December 4, 1996 was a mission to _________.

A. Sun
B. Moon
C. Mars *
D. Venus

1536. During a solar eclipse, which of the following represents the relative position of the sun,moon and earth correctly?

A. The sun in between the earth and the moon.
B. The earth in between the sun and the moon.
C. The moon in between the sun and the earth. *
D. The sun, moon and earth are not in a straight line.

1537.The distance of the planets from the sun in the increasing order is__________.

A. Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars *
B. Venus,Earth,Mars,Mercury
C. Earth,Mars Mercury,Venus
D. Mercury,Venus,Mars,Earth

1538.The earth is the third nearest planet to the sun located between the planets______.

A. Mars and Jupiter
B. Venus and Mars *
C. Mercury and Venus
D. Jupiter and Saturn

1539. The planet which is not only the smallest bt also nearest to the sun is__________.

A. Jupiter
B. Mercury *
C. Mars
D. Venus

1540. Which of the following spacecrafts enabled man to step on the moon first?

A. Sputnik I
B. Luna II
C. Voshod I
D. Apollo XI *