571. ‘Latakia’ is the seaport of_________?

A. Syria
B. jorden
C. Libya
D. Egypt

572. When is the World Pulses Day observed,across the World?

A. Feb 8
B. Feb 9
C. Feb 10
D. Feb 11

573. Leonardo Da Vinci was an________Polymath of the Renaissance?

A. English
B. Chinese
C. Italian
D. French

574. Who made the first animated film?

A. Stane Lee
B. Walt
C. Disney
D. J.Stuart Blackton

575. Which was first Country to grow Cocoa?

A. Brazil
B. Finland
C. Japan
D. Mexico

576. Porsche AG is a____________automobile manufacturer?

A. German
B. Chinese
C. Italian
D. French

577. Who is The First You Tuber?

A. Jawed Karim
B. John adris
C. Liaqat Ali
D. None Of These

578. The capital of Maldives is_________?

A. Male
B. Abuja
C. Thimphu
D. None of these

579. Tashkent is the capital of_________?

A. Turkmenistan
B. Kazakhstan
C. Uzbekistan
D. None of these

580. Lawrence garden Lahore was a gift from__________?

A. K. Lawrence
B. Engineer Lawrence
C. Governor Lawrence
D. None of these