2401. The Savana type of climate is characterized by :

A. Humid summers and humit winters
B. Humid summers and dry winters *
C. Humit winters and dry summers
D. Humid throughout the year

2402. Which asian country is home to the most nuclear power plants ?

A. China
B. South Korea
C. Taiwan
D. Japan *

2403. What is the name of the place where two streams meet ?

A. Convergence
B. Delta
C. Meander Junction
D. Confluence *

2404. What is one definition of a billabong ?

A. A Delta
B. An imigation channel
C. A reservoir
D. An oxbow lake *

2405. What is the least populous country in South America ?

A. Uruguay
B. Paraguay
C. Guyana
D. Suriname *

2406. What are parallel lines drawn north and south of the equator known as ?

A. Great circles
B. Latitudes*
C. Longitudes
D. Tropics

2407. The international date line passes through :

A. Atlantic ocean
B. Pacific ocean *
C. Indian ocean
D. Arctic ocean

2408. During the summer monsoon the Himalayas have rains on their :

A. Southern and Western slopes
B. Northern and eastern slopes
C. Northern and western slopes
D. Southern and eastern slopes *

2409. What join places of equal height above sea level on a map ?

A. Meridians
B. Tropics
C. Cantour lines *
D. Map projection

2410. The primary industry in the region with black soil is:

A. Cotton *
B. Rice
C. Wheat
D. Tea