1701. Which is the parliament of Iran?

A. Shora
B. Majlis *
C. Congress
D. Shergo

1702. Which of the following is the parliament of Japan?

A. Folketing
B. Yuan
C. Knesset
D. Diet *

1703. Ringgit is the name of Malaysian currency which of the following is the the parliament of Malaysia?

A. Majlis
B. Parliament
C. National assembly
D. Dewan Rakyat

1704. Name the parliament of Nepal______.

A. Rajya sabha
B. Shergo
C. National panchayat *
D. Assembly

1705. Oslo is the capital of Norway which is the parliament of Norway?

A. Storting *
B. Sejm
C. Cortes
D. National parliament

1706. Parliament of Netherland is called __________.

A. The staten General *
B. Sejm
C. Staten
D. Parliament

1707. The world’s oldest parliament founded in the year 930 AD is______.

A. British Parliament
B. Diet of Japan
C. Althing of iceland *
D. Cortes of spain

1708. Which country’s parliament is called mother of parliament?

A. Britain *
C. China
D. Russia

1709. Parliament of Turkey is known as _________.

A. People council
B. National assembly
C. Majlis-e-shora
D. Grand national assembly *

1710. ” Lufthansa” is the name of airline of____________.

A. Russia
C. Malaysia
D. Germany *