2351. What is new capital of Sri Lanka?

A. Yangon
B. Colombo
C. Naypyidawa
D. Sri Jayawardenapura kotte *

2352. What is the new capital of Myanmar ?

A. Yangon
B. Colombo
C. Naypyidaw *
D. Katmandu

2353. Equator passes through ?

A. Pakistan
B. Malta
C. Malaysia
D. Indonesia *

2354. Mercator is the first to use what term for a collection of maps ?

A. Atlas *
B. Enchiridion
C. Gazetteer
D. Encylopedia

2355. The most well- known geographic coordinates system is latitude and longitude also, commonly referred as ?

A. Parallel and meridians *
B. Horizontals and verticals
C. Primes and equators
D. X-lines and Y-lines

2356. The only line of latitude which as large as any line of longitude is the :

A. Tropic of capricorn
B. Prime medridian
C. Tropic of cancer
D. Equator *

2357. Which african country is long and narrow , sandwiched between Ghana and Benin?

A. Togo *
B. Dijibouti
C. Burkina faso
D. Cote D’lvoire

2358. What word is a synonym for all lines of latitude ?

A. Meridian
B. Equator
C. Parallel *
D. Hemisphere

2359. Asia Minor consists of which country ?

A. India
B. Turkey *
C. Vietnam
D. Sri Lanka

2360. What line of latitude lies at 0 degrees ?

A. Parallel
B. Grids
C. Equator *
D. Meridians