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161. Which of the following term is used in game of Cricket?

A. Bar down
C. Tee
D. Scoop

162. Boundary line between Canada and United States is_________?

A. 17th Parallel Line
B. 38th Parallel Line
C. 47th Parallel Line
D. 49th Parallel Line 

163. Nippon is the old name of_________?

A. China
B. Japan
C. Ethiopia
D. Angola

164. The 2nd summit of OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) held in Pakistan in year________?

A. 1972
B. 1973
C. 1974
D. 1975

165. What is the number of states in India?

A. 27
B. 28
C. 29
D. 30

166. The Union Flag, or Union Jack, is the national flag of____________?

A. United States
B. United Kingdom
C. United Nations
D. European Union

167. SHABAK is the Intelligence agency of which country?

A. Iran
B. Afghanistan
C. Israel
D. Syria

168. NSO is the secret agency of which country?

A. Niger
B. Nigeria
C. Algeria
D. Bulgharia

169. SUPO is the secret agency of which country?

A. Ireland
B. Finland
C. New Zealand
D. Sawaziland

170. When Muhammad El Bradi of Egypt got Noble Peace Prize?

A. 2003
B. 2005
C. 2007
D. 2009