1881. Which of the following planets has the maximum number of satellites?

A. Jupiter *
B. Saturn
C. Mars
D. Earth

1882. The world’s highest waterfall, The Angel falls is situated in ______.

A. Venezuela *
B. The USA
C. Guyana
D. Australia

1883. The national hockey stadium lahore is known as ________

A. Latest Hockey stadium
B. Smallest Hockey stadium
C. Largest Hockey stadium *
D. Oldest Hockey stadium

1884. Which country is considered the largest democracy?

A. America
B. India *
C. Russia
D. Canada

1885. Which among the following is the world’s longest road?

A. G.T. Road
B. Broadway street
C. Pan-Am- Highway *
D. Monuments Axis

1886. Which is the most famous water fall of the world?

A. Superior
B. Baulkan
C. Niagara *
D. Congo

1887. The Longest railway line is __________.

A. Canadian-pacific Railway
B. Trans-Siberian Railway *
C. Indian Railway
D. London Railway

1888. The deepest lake in the world is _________.

A. Red Sea
B. Dal Lake
C. Caspian Sea
D. Baikal *

1889. Which of the following is fastest growing tree?

A. Teak
B. Sal
C. Eucalyptus *
D. Banyan

1890. Which of the following countries is the leading producer of rice ?

A. Australia
B. Argentina
C. China *
D. Cuba