1621. Name the first person who journeyed through china, india and other parts of Asia from 1271-94_.

A. Christopher Columbas
B. Vascoda Gama
C. Marcopolo *
D. Nicole Maffeo

1622.Name the person who discovered sea route from Europe to india____.

A. Vasco Da Gama *
B. Christopher Columbas
C. Marco Polo
D. Amengo Vespuci

1623.Christopher Columbas Landed on mainland of South america in _________.

A. 1496
B. 1497
C. 1498 *
D. 1499

1624. Name the first to person to sail round the world: discovered the magallan strait, reached the phillipines and named the pacific

A. William Dampier
B. Lord Anson
C. Ferdinand Magallan *
D. John Davis

1625. Name the person whoch discovered Canada and explored ST. Lawennie from 1534-36 _____.

A. Jacquies Cartier *
B. William Dampier
C. James Cook
D. Capt Wallis

1626. Name the person Who sailed around the world in the “Goldern Hind’ During 1557-80 _____.

A. Sir Francis Drake *
B. John Davis
C. Vitus Bering
D. James Clark

1627. Name the person who discovered Australia in 1606_________.

A. Henry Hudson
B. William Janszoon *
C. Sebastain Cabot
D. Capt James Cook

1628. Who among the following discovered, New Zeland, The Tonga and Fiji Island in 1642?

A. James Clark
B. Abel Tasman *
C. John Davis
D. John Speke

1629. Name the Person Who discovered Zambia and Victoria falls from 1852-73?

A. David Living stone *
B. Jacquies lartier
C. Adam Kus
D. Daniel Arap

1630. Which is the world’s Oldest Religion?

A. Judaism
B. Islam
C. Christianity
D. Hinduism *