2241. The number of permanent member of security council (United nations) is ________.

A. 4
B. 5 *
C. 6
D. 7

2242. “Mesopotomia” was the old name of ________.

A. Iran
B. Jordan
C. Egypt
D. Iraq *

2243. Which prime minister of Pakistan had the Shortest Tenue?

A. General M. Ayub Khan *
B. I.I Chandigarh
C. Malik Feroz Khan Noon
D. Muhammad Ali Bogra

2244. A firm buys goods on credit, Which document does the firm use to record this?

A. Credit note *
B. Purchase invoice
C. Sales Invoice
D. Supplier’s Statement

2245. The prime Function of Accounting is to _________.

A. record economic data
B. Provide the informational basis for action
C. Classifying and recording business transaction *
D. Attain non-economic goals

2246. Volga river is in ________.

A. Canada
B. China
D. Russia *

2247. Beirut is the capital of ________.

A. Lebanon *
B. Syria
C. Iraq
D. Poland

2248. Non-permanent members of the security council serve for _______.

A. 3 Years
B. 4 Years
C. 2 Years *
D. 5 Years

2249. In what way security council chooses non permanent members?

A. By the orders of General secretary
B. By a special meeting of permanent members
C. It has power to elect any country
D. By Alphabetical order *

2250. Stockholm is the capital of _______.

A. Sweden *
B. Norway
C. Denmark
D. Finland