2051. Which country used an airplane in war for the first time on 14th october 1911?

A. Russia
B. China
C. Italy *

2052. The first test tube baby louise brown (England) was born in ?

A. 1968
B. 1978 *
C. 1988
D. 1998

2053. Which is the largest suspension bridge in the world?

A. Shangai, China
B. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan *
C. Liver Pool, UK
D. Kolkata, India

2054. Which is the largest swimming course in the world?

A. English Channel UK *
B. Suez Canal
C. Hudson River
D. Colarado River

2055. Paris and what other capital had the world’s first telephonic link?

A. Amsterdam
B. Rome
C. Brussels *
D. Prague

2056. Which country has the largest army in the world?

A. Russia
C. China *
D. India

2057. Name the highest railway station in Asia?

A. Khargpur
B. Seikum
C. Khan Mehtarzai *
D. Shimzu

2058. Which country has the most airport in the world?

A. USA *
B. China
C. Russia
D. Canada

2059. Who was the first person to wear a wrist watch?

A. George II
B. George Conning
C. Robert Paul
D. Queen Elizabet I *

2060. Which country has the most Tv Stations in the world?

A. USA *
B. China
C. Russia
D. India