2461. The lower layer of the atmosphere is known as :

A. Isohyte
B. Isobar
C. Troposphere *
D. Isohaline

2462. The line joining places which have the same height above mean seal level is called :

A. Isohyte
B. Isobar
C. Contour Line *
D. Isohaline

2463. The summer solstice in northern hemisphere occurswhen the sun is directly overhead at noon on :

A. Tropic of carpricom
B. Tropic of cancer *
C. Equator
D. None of the above

2464. Cactus is a plant usually found in :

A. Flood plains
B. Semiarid regions *
C. Deltactic regions
D. Fresh water lake

2465. Which of the following is a land locked country ?

A. Afghanistan *
B. Phillipines
C. Myanmmar
D. Israel

2466. The greatest deposits of loess are found in :

A. Newzeland
B. Central Europe
C. China *
D. Argentina

2467. The general trend of Isotherms on the globe is :

A. East-west *
B. North-South
C. North-East
D. South-West

2468. Drowned glaciated valleys in high latitude regions are known as :

A. Fiords *
B. Ocean ridges
C. Marine canyons
D. U valleys

2469. The doldrums area comes into the trade winds in :

A. Autumn
B. Summer *
C. Spring
D. Winter

2470. Which one of the following has been formed differently from the other three ?

A. Peat
B. Bituminus
C. Lignite
D. Graphite *