2381. What is the name of the huge modern ferris wheel overlooking the Thames in downtown london ?

A. London Eye *
B. Big ben
C. Stonehenge
D. None of these

2382. Who are the only people allowed to touch the stonehenge monuments ?

A. Druids *
B. Stuarts
C. Lords
D. None of these

2383. What is the name of the bell inside Parliament clock tower ?

A. Big ben *
B. London eye
C. Stonehenge
D. None of these

2384. Removal of the top layer of soil/rocks by wind, water is known as :

A. Corrosion
B. Desalination
C. Deloxification
D. Erosion *

2385. Natural hot water springs occurring in new zealand italy and iceland are known as :

A. Hot bubbles
B. Old faithful
C. Fountains
D. Geysers *

2386. Greenhouse effect will lead to :

A. An increase in oxygen production
B. Greater rainfall
C. Decrease in atmospheric pressure
D. An increase in the temperature *

2387. What are metal bearing rocks called :

A. Metalloids
B. Slag
C. Bitumen
D. Ores *

2388. Coal is formed from :

A. Rocks
B. Soil
C. Organic matter *
D. Lava

2389. Solar energy is a :

A. Non renewable
B. Polluting source
C. Very limited
D. Renewable source *

2390. Which of the following is a main component of common glass?

A. Water
B. Marble
C. Powdered Mica
D. Sand *