1831. Which of the following is the rainiest spot in the world ?

A. Chittgong(Bangladesh)
B. Angkor vat (Cambodia)
C. Verkhoyansk (Russia)
D. Cherrapunji ( India) *

1832. In which city of china the biggest square tiananman is situated ?

A. Beijing *
B. Sinking
C. Shanghai
D. None of them

1833. The highest town Wanchuan is situated in the altitude of 5100m. where is it located ?

A. Japan
B. Taiwan
C. China *
D. South Korea

1834. Which is the lowest town?

A. Beijing
B. Lahore
C. The israeli settlement of Ein Bokek *
D. None of these

1835. Largest hotel i s located in USA’S state Nevada which has 5005 rooms. Name the Hotel_________.

A. Hotel USA
B. Avari Hotel
C. President Hotel
D. MGM Grand Hotel *

1836. Trans-Siberain line from Moscow to valadivostok(Russia) is known as_________.

A. Longest rail track *
B. Shortest rail track
C. Busiest rail track
D. Highest rail track

1837. The great wall of china is famous for being a __________.

A. Widest Wall
B. Longest Wall *
C. Oldest Wall
D. Highest Wall

1838. Yuma is the place with most sunshine in which country is located ?

A. USA *
B. Russia
C. China
D. Canada

1839. Area with the least sunshine where nil sunshine is observed for 182 days a year is _________.

A. South Pole *
B. North Pole
C. None of these
D. Both of these

1840. The oldest written language is _______.

A. Sanskrit
B. Chinese *
C. Japanese
D. English