1631. Which is the largest religion in the world ?

A. Islam
B. Hinduism
C. Christianity *
D. Judaism

1632. When was Buddhism Founded ?

A. 500 BC
B. 523 BC *
C. 400 BC
D. 300 BC

1633. Confucianism is the main religion of ____________.

A. Arabia and Iraq
B. China and Taiwan *
C. Japan and Srilanka
D. Nepal and afghanistan

1634. Which among the following is the sacred text of the confucianists_____________.

A. The Tripitaka
B. The Analects
C. Torach
D. None of these

1635.Where was the Jesus Christ Born ?

A. Iraq
B. Jerusalem *
C. Mecca
D. Madina

1636. Christianity is nearly __________Years old .

A. 1500 Years
B. 2000 Years *
C. 2500 Years
D. Over 2500 Years

1637. The Sacred Place of Christian is____________.

A. Nazareth
B. Jerusalam *
C. Mecca
D. None of these

1638. Who founded Judiasm ?

A. Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
B. Jesus Christ
C. Moses *
D. None of these

1639. Gautam siddharth buddah founder of buddhism was born in 563 BC In_____.

A. Bhutan
B. Nepal *
C. India
D. Srilank

1640.In which of the following countries buddhism is followed as their relegion ?

A. Srilanka
B. Korea
C. Japan
D. all of them *