1981. Who was the first foreign minister of Pakistan?

A. Sardar Abdur Rab Nashtar
B. Elahi Bux Somro
C. Chaudry Mohammad Ali
D. Sir Zafarullah Khan *

1982. Name the largest Oil Company of the world?

A. Exxon *
B. Caltex
C. Shell
D. None of them

1983. Which is the largest longest mountain range in the world?

A. Himalayas
B. Andes *
C. Rockies
D. Alps

1984. The largest volcano crater in the world is __________.

A. Vesuvius( Italy)
B. Toba ( Indonesia) *
C. Etna( Slicily)
D. Stromboli(Slicily)

1985. Which is the shortest river in the world with a total lenght of 98 Km?

A. Amur (Siberia)
B. Reo( Montana) *
C. Danube( Slovakia)
D. Congo (zaire)

1986. Which is the biggest continent of the world. How much approximate of the world land is covered by Asia?

A. 35%
B. 41%
C. 29.5 % *
D. 38 %

1987. Which is the largest fort of Pakistan ?

A. Ranikot Fort *
B. Rohtas Fort
C. Shahi Fort
D. Fawal Fort

1988. Which is the largest Dam of the world ?

A. Pate
B. New Comelia
C. Usama
D. Grand coulee Dam (USA) *

1989. Area Wise which is the smallest continent of the world ?

A. Antarctica
B. Asia
C. Australia *
D. Europe

1990. Himalya range is based in _________.

A. Europe
B. Asia *
C. Africa
D. Australia