1471. The Concept of heartland was given by _________________

A. Hanshofer
B. Mackinder *
C. Ratzel
D. None of these

1472. The first irrigated forest in pakistan changa manga was established in ________

A. 1866 *
B. 1890
C. 1892
D. 1896

1473. Lakhra coal field is located______________
A. North of Hyderabad *
B. South of Hyderabad
C. East of Hyderabad
D. West of Hyderabad

1474. Korea Bay lies in__________

A. Sea in Japan
B. East China Sea
C. Bering Sea
D. Yellow Sea *

1475. Baroghil pass lies in____________

A. Karakoram range
B. Himalayan range
C. Hindukhush range *
D. None of these

1476. Height of lahore from sea level is___________

A. 500 Feet
B. 600 Feet
C. 480 Feet
D. 702 Feet *

1477. Height of Islamabad from se level is_______________

A. 1800 Feet
B. 2000 Feet *
C. 2200 Feet
D. 3000 Feet

1478.Gulf of Tonkin is situated near_____________

A. China
B. Thailand
C. Vietnam *
D. None of these

1479. Atacama desert lies in________________________

A. Chile *
B. Uraguay
C. Mexico
D. Brazil

1480. Siesson mountains are____________

A. Youngest Mountains
B. Old Mountains
C. Tallest Mountains *
D. None of these