701. Council of Trent was held from _________ ?

A. 1545 to 1563
B. 1550 to 1556
C. 1560 to 1563
D. 1540 to 1545

702. Reformation started in which country _________ ?

A. France
B. England
C. Germany
D. Spain

703. Who first discovered Machu Picchu?

A. Hiram Bingham
B. Joseph lister
C. John marshal
D. John Walker

704. Gatun Lake is located in________?

A. Azerbijan
C. Panama
D. Chili

705. SNAS Aviation is a air line of which country?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Slovenia
C. Swedon
D. South Africa

706. “Port of Khor Al Zubair ” is the seaport of which country?

A. Iraq
B. Iran
C. Oman
D. Qatar

707. Which one of the following seaport is the largest seaport of Iran ?

A. Port of Bandar Abbas
B. Port of Amirabad
C. Port of Bushehr
D. Port of Khorramshahr
E. None of these

708. ” Port of Bushehr ” is the seaport of ________ ?

A. Iran 
B. Iraq
C. Italy
D. Ireland

709. Which is the national flower of Romania ?

A. Dog Rose
B. Lavender
C. Poinciana
D. Marguerite

710. Leonardo Da Vinci was an inventor, scientist and engineer of ________ ?

A. Florence
B. Geneva
C. Genoa
D. Turin

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