1911. River Nile finally falls in which of the following seas?

A. Baltic
B. Mediterranean
C. Red Sea
D. Arabian Sea *

1912. Challenger deep is the deepest place in the pacific ocean, which of the following is the depth?

A. 10100 M
B. 95100 M
C. 10150 M
D. 10900 M *

1913. Arabian Peninsula is the largest peninsula of the world, What is the total area?

A. 3,237,500 sq Km *
B. 2,500,100 sq Km
C. 3,050,100 sq Km
D. 310,75,000 sq Km

1914. Name the biggest desert of the world found in North africa?

A. Gobi desert
B. Kalahari Desert
C. Sahara Desert *
D. None of them

1915. The capital of Bolivia is the highest capital in the world, What is its name?

A. Belize
B. Mumbai
C. La Paz *
D. None of them

1916. Which is the most populous city of the world?

A. Tokyo
B. Mumbai
C. Karachi
D. Shanghai *

1917. Which is the most densely populated city of the world?

A. Manila *
B. Port Novo
C. Moroni
D. Praia

1918. Highest waterfall of the world is found in Venezuela , Which of the following is its name?

A. Niagra Fall
B. Angel Falls *
C. Tugela
D. Ribbon

1919. Rohunksy dam is the highest dam in the world . It is located in which country?

A. Turkmenistan
B. Azerbaijan
C. Tajikistan *
D. None of these

1920. Which is the least populous city of the world?

A. Mumbai
B. Tokyo
C. Vatican *
D. None of them