2601. Which of the following country is located between the Black sea and the Mediterranean sea ?

A. Cyprus
B. Iran
C. Turkey*
D. Greece

2602. The donestek mining and industrial region lies in which country ?

A. Ukraine *
B. Georgia
C. Russia
D. Belarus

2603. What is Zastrugi ?

A. Snow *
B. Rain
C. Rock
D. Fog

2604. After russia and Ukraine, Which European country is the largest in area ?

A. Germany
B. Belarus
C. Spain
D. France *

2605. When did Sir Halford Mackinder develop his heathland Theory ?

A. 1926
B. 1904 *
C. 1882
D. 1858

2606. Which one of the following states was formed exclusively by the migrants in the 20th century ?

A. Maldives
B. Mauritius
C. Israel *
D. Myanmmar

2607. Which one of the following regions is practicing most intensive subsistence farming ?

A. Pampas Region
B. Murray-Darling Basin
C. California Valley
D. Monsoon Asia *

2608. The Highest Hydro power potential in the african continents is in :

A. Southern Africa
B. Equatorial Africa *
C. North-Eastern africa
D. North-western africa

2609. The shortest route from los angeles to moscow is over the :

A. Atlantic ocean *
B. Pacific ocean
C. North Pole
D. South Pole

2610. Which of the following types of soils is produced by granite and gneiss on weathering ?

A. Red *
B. Black
C. Yellow
D. Laterite