1741. “Old man and the sea” was written by.

A. Charles Dickens
B. H.v Hudson
C. Earnest Heming way *
D. T.S.Eliot

1742. Whose Bigoraphy ” Higher than hopes” Is?

A. Nelson mandella
B. Mother Teresa
C. Bishop Tutu
D. None of these

1743. The famous Tv serial ” Alice in wonderland” is based on a book written by.

A. Thomas hardy
B. Lewis caroll *
C. Charles dickens
D. Father discoste

1744. “Living history” The autobiography has been authored by:

A. Hillary clinton *
B. Monica lewinsky
C. Benazi Bhutto
D. Imran Khan

1745. Which childrens’ book series is created by J.K. Rowling?

A. Harry potter *
B. Xanth
C. Nancy drew
D. Hardy Boys

1746. Character of James bond is created by ______.

A. H.G wells
B. Frederick Forsyth
C. Ian Fleming *
D. R.L steveson

1747. English dictionary is compiled by ______.

A. John Bullokar
B. Henry Cockeram
C. Samuel Johnson *
D. Robert cawdrey

1748. Which of the following books are written by shakespear?

A. Merchant of Venice
B. Macbeth
C. Othello
D. All of them *

1749. “Spirit of islam ” is written by ________.

A. Sir syed ahmad khan
B. Allama iqbal
C. Sayed Amir Ali *
D. Altaf Hussain

1750. who wrote the ” Jinnah of pakistan ” ?

A. S.M. Ikram
B. Lawrence ziring
C. W. Howard wriggins
D. Stanely Wolpert