2401. Which of the following nations is most well-known for exporting meat and wool?

A. Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia
B. Argentina, France, Chile
C. Australia, Argentina, New Zealand *
D. None of Them

2402. Based on their mode of origin, which of the following landforms is distinct from the other three?

A. Fold
B. Anticline
C. Napes
D. Rift Valley *

2403. The air changes into: as we ascend higher into the atmosphere.

A. Thinner *
B. Denser
C. Warmer
D. Visible

2404. from which of the following place the pakistan standard time is determined ?

A. Shakergarh *
B. Karachi
C. Muree
D. Multan

2405. Which of the following latitudes is a great circle?

A. Equator *
B. 66 Degree N
C. 20 Degree S
D. 23 Degree S

2406. The coldest hour of the dayis approximately:

A. 5 AM
B. 3 AM *
C. 9 PM
D. 4 PM

2407. The line joining places of equal atmospheric pressure is termed :

A. Contour
B. Isohyet
C. Isotherm
D. Isobar *

2408. If the earth’s surface completely flattens out, what would happen to the various types of rainfall?

A. No cyclonic rainfall
B. No orographic rainfall *
C. No frontal rainfall
D. Strong winds

2409. The most dangerous places to fly are:

A. Clouds
B. Rainfall
C. Fogs *
D. Strong winds

2410. The following factors primarily account for the current search for petroleum-free fuels:

A. Iran-Iraq War
B. Tense relationships between Israel and nations in the Middle East
C. Highly increased cost of petroleum
D. Increase in the consumption of petroleum *