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261. The world’s fastest manned aircraft is__________?

A. SR-71 Blackbird
B. A-12 lockheed
C. F-106 Delta Dart
D. North American X-15

262. Who was the father of Sultan Osman I – the founder of the Ottoman Empire?

A. Suleman Shah
B. Ertugral Ghazi
C. Guldaro Ghazi
D. None of these

263. ______ is a country (enclaved) within a country?

A. Palestine
B. Palau
C. Lesotho
D. Bosnia and Herzegovina

264. When did Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II Fateh capture the Roman Empire Capital, Constantinople?

A. 1453
B. 1454
C. 1457
D. 1458

265. Hajr (حجر) was old city which served as capital of Province “Al-Yamamah”, the modern name of this city is________?

A. Riyadh
B. Dammam
C. Abha
D. Al-Qatif

266. The firts virtual summit of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) was held on May 4, 2020.It was presided by__________?

A. Tajikistan
B. Kazakhstan
C. Turkey
D. Azerbaijan

267. The book “21 Lessons of 21st Century” is written by:_________?

A. George Friedman
B. Yuval Noah Harari
C. Alan Guth
D. D. BF Skinner

268. “Bekaa Valley” is located in _______?

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Lebanon
D. Serbia

269. Which was the first interstellar asteroid to be found?

A. Borisov
B. Narisor
C. Magnsor
D. Oumuamua

270. Smallest State in US by population is__________?

A. Alaska
B. Wyoming
C. Rodhe Island
D. Dilaware