2561. Amman is the capital of :

A. Jordan *
B. Yemen
C. Bahrain
D. Qatar

2562. The Currency of Turkey is :

A. Lira *
B. Markka
C. Peso
D. Pound

2563. Which country is called ” Land of mountains “?

A. Nepal *
B. Mangolia
C. Japan
D. Indonesia

2564. Second largest religion of the world is :

A. Islam *
B. Buddhism
C. Judaism
D. Hinduism

2565. 10-Downing street is famous for :

A. Banking
B. Night clubs
C. Official residence of British Prime minister *
D. Tailoring and Jewelery

2566. The Busiest airport of the world is situated in :

A. Cuba
B. USA *
C. Canada

2567. Herbert simon identified four basic motivations of subordinates to accept the will of superior. Which one of the following is not one of them ?

A. Rewards and sanctions
B. Social disapproval *
C. Legitimacy
D. Subordinates confidence in superior’s ability

2568. Which Military award is given by Britain ?

A. Queen cross
B. Medal of Honor
C. Iron Cross
D. Victoria Cross *

2569. On which date, Labour day is celebrated ?

A. May 1st *
B. November 20th
C. May 3rd
D. March 8th

2570. NATO is the abbreviation of :

A. North american transport ordinance
B. Non-Aligned Trading organization
C. North Atlantic Treaty organization *
D. Non-Allied Treat organization