1591. Which is ” Forbidden city” ?

A. Lhasa *
B. Irleand
C. Palestine
D. Vatican

1592. Gibraltar is known as ______________.

A. Key to the mediterranean *
B. The eternal City
C. Queen of the Adriatic
D. None of these

1593. Which of the following combinations is wrong?

A. Aberdeen:Granite city
B. Egypt:Gif of nile
C. Korea: Hermit Kingdom
D. Venice: City of Merchants *

1594. Which place is Called the “Cockpit of Europe” ?

A. Southhall
B. Banglore
C. Belgium *
D. Norway

1595. Australia is known as the ______________.

A. Land of Golden Fleece *
B. Dependent Continent
C. South Europe
D. Richest Island

1596. Land of ” Maple Leaf” is the nickname of ________________

A. Newyork
B. Canada *
C. Malta
D. Ireland

1597. Sick Man of Europe is a sobriquet of______________.

A. Turkey *
B. France
C. South-Hall
D. Berlin

1598. Which is known as the “Herring Pond’?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean *
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Mediterranean Sea

1599. “Land of Midnight sun” is the name given to ____________.

A. Norway *
B. Sweden
C. Denmark
D. Dublin

1600. Laos is called the ______________.

A. Land of thousand elephants *
B. Land of White Elephants
C. Hermit Kingdom
D. Land of Elephants