481. Which famous personality was offered to be the first President of Israel?

A. Barack Obama
B. Albert Einstein
C. Fernandus adwerd
D. None of these

482. Which country is called the land of a thousand elephants?

A. Netherlands
B. England
C. Laos
D. South Africa

483. What is the Currency of Magnolia?

A. Togrog
B. Euro
C. Piso
d. Dollar

484. The book Firdus-ul-Hikmat was written on ___________?

A. Astronomy
B. Physics
C. Medicine
D. Mathematics

485. Granada fall in the year of _________?

A. 1498 A.D
B. 1492 A.D
C. 1486 A.D
D. 1476 A.D

486. What generation Salah ud Din Ayubi from?

A. Arbi
B. Kurd
C. Sodani
D. truky

487. Which country is called land of poets?

A. Brazil
B. Chile
C. south Africa
D. None

488. Name the World’s Biggest Cricket Stadium?

A. Melbourne cricket Ground, Australia
B. National stadium Karachi, Pakistan
C. Motera stadium Ahmedabad, India
D. None of these

489. Petra an archeaological site is among the new seven Wonder of the world located in_________?

A. Mexico
B. Italy
C. Spain
D. Jordan

490. In which year European rulers captured palestine from the Muslims in Cursades War ?

A. 1095
B. 1099
C. 1115
D. 1199